What is this all about?

clayton ucaFor our final FiA gathering we visited Clayton Wesley UCA Norwood with Paul Turley (Friday 22nd November 2013).

We had 20 participants, ten of whom were joining us for the first time.

Faith in Action is a monthly group which tests the limits of Assets Based Community Development for congregations and similar organisations.

  • Assets Based Community Development = is a metho
    dology which seeks to uncover and use the strengths within communities as a means for sustainable development. It is often called ABCD.
  • tests the limits = The ABCD approach is fantastic as it draws people into community – but it has some limits. So we push the model to discover what it does well and to find out when it fails. Failure is a learning opportunity we don’t want to miss.
  • congregations = the ABCD approach is generic. It is not tied to any particular denomination or religious orientation. So the Faith in Action group translates the principles of ABCD into church language for congregations and their leaders.
  • similar organisations = While we are focussed on congregations we have friends from other organisations who are interested in this approach as well. You can’t do community development alone – finding our friends is an important principle which we model.
  • Monthly group = We gather from 2pm on the 4th Friday of the month – at Western Link Uniting Church Crittenden Rd Findon.South Australia.

Clayton Nov 2013

Your hosts are

  • Joanna Hubbard (agenda setter, speaker in demand and CEO of MarionLIFE)
  • Peter McDonald (brain child, guru and UCA clergy at Uniting Communities)

Our aim is to provide a experiential way into the topic of Assets Based Community Development by holding site visits, trialling tools, sharing our practice and digging into theory.

  • Site Visits = this year we visited MarionLIFE and Clayton UCA.  This experience gives participants the opportunity to get up close to how ABCD is being adapted and used in a local setting.
  • Trialling tools =  we test run tools for getting groups of people to work together.  Currently the most often used tool is the committee meeting – not only is it over rated and ineffective but there is so much more out there.  Come and discover new ways of working with groups.
  • talking about practice = means we provide participants with the chance to talk about your own local setting and
  • digging into theory = provides you with the readings and the people who can take you to a deeper level of theoretical knowledge about community development

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