We aren’t racist but… (Notes from May Friday Group)

Last Friday FiA had ten participants explore the topic of racism – working with groups congregations who are unable to see how their prejudice impacts on community.  Complex issues like racism, ageism or sexism have many layers at work.  Our workshop used the Integral Framework as tool for identifying / describing all of them.

Individual Internal (top left)

  • Leaders know and own fears and racism
  • Some of us discussed how we see colour first – then work to mitigate against it

Individual External (top right)

  • Work at building relationships with others
  • Need to work at identifying and supporting cultural ambassadors who can walk in both worlds

Community Internal (bottom left)integral1

  • Culture is shaped by leadership
  • Corporate appropriation – the group sets the tone of the whole
  • Communication is imperative to good group culture.
  • And sometimes we don’t even know our own culture

Community External (bottom right)

  • There is an important role for positive discrimination
  • Media has a vital role in either confronting racism as well as reinforcing it as ‘normal’.
  • We don’t want to ‘Do it To them” or “Help Them”
  • How can you change when you rare not in authority – what is the role of power here?

We asked Elizabeth to email us her link so we could make it availiable to all.  Here is Elizabeth’s email and the link follows.

Hi Peter,
Here is the link to the free downloadable copy of “We are Pilgrims” from the CBM website.  My chapter is chapter 7, “Becoming a diverse multicultural church in central Adelaide: a case study” by Elizabeth Vreugdenhil.  It tells some of Maughan’s multicultural story.  Hope people find it helpful.  The book is also available in hardback form.


If anyone from the group wants to add anything let me know and I’ll add it here.

Ruth has recently offered me the following links to relevant stories around racism


National Reconciliation Week 2016


27 May – My lot doesn’t realise how racist / sexist / ageist they are.  They seem unaware of the negative impact of their words and actions.  How can I turn this around without wrecking everything and everyone?  How do I get them to experience / connect with the ‘the other’ in our community?
Is there still a place for simulation games? – A timely topic for some serious group work.   Hosted by Peter and Joanna.

Venue:  Hope’ Café – Spire Community,  12-2pm, Clayton Wesley Uniting Church, Corner of The Parade and Portrush Road,
 Beulah Park