Walking alongside community practitioners in Australian churches

Joanna's ABCD convo Tabor 2013

Joanna’s ABCD convo tabor 2013

Friday Joanna Hubbard invited me to participate in a conversation with representatives from World Vision, TEAR, Tabor College and the Churches of Christ.  So instead of being at our State SA Synod I spent the day with

During the morning we introduced ourselves and told our own community development stories.  

By lunch time it was pretty clear we each had a common interest in making community development ideas available for churches.  The guys from the ‘international aid / para church sector’ could see how relevant the tools are from their work overseas.  David from the ‘education sector’ spoke of his overseas mission experience which informs his role as Senior Lecturer in Intercultural Studies at Tabor.  Mark, from the ‘denominational sector’ took it all in and Joanna and I from the ‘agency sector’ spoke of our frustration of congregations asking us to help them set up soup kitchens!

Over lunch we ranged across theology and praxis.  After lunch we landed on the following group purpose.

We are a group of people who walk alongside practitioners of asset based community development principles in Australian Churches.

So what on earth should we do next?

I’ll insert a photo of our many brainstormed ideas here but to cut to the chase

we decided that there were two things we could contribute

1)  Seek out events to profile current examples of community development

2)  See opportunities to network of mentors / coaches for those taking up community development principles

Here is our list of existing groups we will approach to profile community development

  • Arrow
  • TEAR (Joel in June)
  • World Vision (Si)
  • Surrender
  • Tabor
  • Church of Christ
  • UCA
  • CoCreate Adelaide

And here is the list of examples

  • Northern Communities of Hope (NCOH)
  • Clayton Wesley UCA – Norwood
  • Port Adelaide UCA – lunch
  • Marion Life
  • Indigenous Groups ie (UAICC)

Key people want to talk to include Paul Cameron (Tas) Brad Chilcott, Geraldine (Council of Chuches) and Caroline

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this day Joanna and my apologies to the SA Synod for being missing in action!

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