Visiting and longer workshops

Peter-640x425Last week I visited Joanna at her new workplace at BaptistCare.  We had a long conversations about our favourite moments in the Faith in Action initiative.  Two things stood out as working really well – visiting churches and the longer workshops.  We have decided to run with these themes in the second half of this year.

Visiting Churches

Earlier in the year we were invited to visit Blackwood Uniting Church and talked to their leaders about the community development tools which they may not have considered as part of their ministry.  Joanna wrote jazzily titled Choosing the best where there is so much good to do and I wrote the plain titled but still nourishing Blackwood, Coral, Phil and Joanna!

Joanna and I would really like to do more of this.  But to do more we need to be invited!   So here is our offer to you.  If you wanted a long conversation about your place and the principles which you might draw on from ABCD then Joanna and I would love to visit.  All care and no obligation to take our advice.  Think of it as a free community church health check!

Longer Workshops

In February Richard Harmer hosted a workshop which reopened a conversation about Domestic Violence.  This all day workshop drew a new group together to look at domestic violence through an assets based community development lens.  It was inspiring and created a group which is still ongoing.

We would like to do more of this.  More one day or one and a half day workshops with Richard Harmer,  Peter Kenyon and others who good at opening up the community development space with creativity and intention.

Calendar Changes

So the workshop scheduled for next week International aid to our place” has been rescheduled and reworked into a Longer Workshop on Friday 28th November where will have more time and a larger group to dig into the place of international aid and refugees.

Revised 2014 Calendar

Joanna and I are reworking the second half of the year calendar to fit with our ‘Visiting Churches’ and ‘Longer Workshops’ approach.  I expect it will be posted by 8th July 2014.

Questions or suggestions welcome –  keep in touch

Peter and Joanna