The (Quest)ion Quest FiA 2014

Tuesday afternoon I spent time on the phone to Joanna Hubbard talking about the question for this Friday’s open space workshop.  We are both aware that the framing of question is a really important part – probably the most critical element to ensuring Open Space works. This has come up in every methodology we have run this year.  It is key in World Cafe it is in the Circle Council processes, it set the tone for Asset Mapping and whether we wanted a broad or narrow scope.

How we frame and use questions keeps coming up as a critical element to community work.  Questions can either draw people in or shut people out.  Consider the following

Is there anything else we haven’t considered in our discussion thus far?

The Church Council has decided to _<insert decision>_ does anyone disagree?

Early next year we will run a FiA workshop around the methodologies for groups landing on their own questions for themselves.  As is our practice we will run it on the group and then cover off on the theory and the practice.

Welcome to the quest for the question!

If you are interested in running this topic with us please let Joanna or myself know.


Eric E.Vogt, Juanita Brown, and David Isaacs, “The art of powerful questions: Catalyzing Insight, Innovation, and Action” 2003



Faith in Action is a monthly group which comes together to share our learning around genuine community work.  It meets in the afternoon of the last Friday of the month at Western Link Uniting Church, 93 Crittenden Rd Findon.

Many claim they do community work… but we are not so sure.  We seek to provide a positive learning experience around the community development tools – come along and judge us by what we do, or what we do together, by creating an inspiring community moment.