The ‘Its Working Well’ Tour

It is a simple idea really.  Focus your attention on that which his working well.
But when did you last put yourself in front of someone else’s ministry and find yourself interested even delighted in what was before you?  Make 2017 the year that you visited “that which is working well” with us.
We imagine two tours.   A day tour to congregations around Adelaide finishing with conversation over a meal.  Then a major tour to Victoria / Melbourne over 4 days.  Visiting ministries like the Chalice CommunityUrban SeedUrban Neighbours of HopeNorthern Community Church of ChristCareWorksFitzroy North Community ChurchChurch of All Nations.

Join Faith in Action as well finalise the dates and details of both tours over lunch this Friday 9th December  Click here for more detail.

Grace and Peace
Peter and Joanna


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