The Challenge and the Possiblity of Social Enterprise.


A colleague just send me a copy of this newspaper clip about a social enterprise running out of Lillydale Victoria.

This creative little venture called Tasty Az was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for a year or so ago when I was putting on a dinner event and was surprised there was nothing like it already about.

As someone who has overseen a social enterprise (read more here) I truly appreciate how difficult it is to truly marry good business principles with social action and I am aware of how many such ventures stumble and fall in their embryonic stages …but I would still love to see more people trying so that we can learn what does and what does not work in this exciting space.

I would obviously love to see more Churches engaging with this in creative, low cost, and unique ways.

So do you know of great social enterprises working really well out of Churches? Please let me know!

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