Sticky Notes: Recording thoughts and giving them to others

Sticky Notes provide each person in the group the opportunity to share their ideas or concerns in a structured and respectful way.
Done at the start of the session helps people to land on what their main concerns are before putting people into group work.
  • Write down what has made you sad, mad and glad from this topic
    Sad, (blue)  mad  (purple) or glad (green)
    Now pop them up onto the wall and lets look for reoccurring themes
 You might even ask someone else to sort into themes or groups.
 The sticky notes asked each person to pause and think your yourself.  What do you want out of this?
We have then given every person a the group a voice by asking them to write down their hopes or concerns.  This has included the introverts and we haven’t immediately given the extroverts the chance to dominate.
Watch this for some real mind bending inspiration

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