Some shorter documents worth a look

The Art of Powerful QuestionsCatalyzing Insight, Innovation and Action by Eric E Vogt, Juanita Brown and David Isaacs A well framed question can transform a meeting, can overcome flagging moral and can be the doorway for those break-through creative solutions that we all long for in community work. More thoughts on why questions are important.

A Glass Half-Full: How an Asset Approach Can Improve Community Health and Wellbeing while it has a health focus there is a lot this document can contribute more generally to community development.

Civic Engagement and the Restoration of Community; Changing the Nature of the Conversationby Peter Block. This document addresses the power of language. How we speak and listen to each other is the medium through which a more positive future is created or denied.

Making Headway; Building Your Community. A reasonably simple Asset Based Community Development Tool Kit from the Central Coast of Australia.

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