Questions for Friday and everyday

IMG_2152 copyThis Friday’s workshop is titledThe Role of the Leader and the Art of Powerful Questions.  At the heart of good community development is the art of creative questions which open issues up and seeks lightness and hope into conversations which might be otherwise.  Imagine yourself

  • Chairing church council
  • Leading an elders meeting
  • Facilitating a conversation wtih a group of 20+ staff.
  • Planning worship even running youth group

We will think about what makes a fantastic question!

For more information including our best reading for the year go to the workshop webpage Powerful Questions

And see you Friday – the workshop is open to all with no rsvp required.

Venue and Timetable

  • Friday June 27 at Western Link Uniting, 93 Crittenden Road Findon, South Australia
  • 1-2pm Preparing the space with Peter McDonald (open to old timers)
  • 2-5pm A conversation about the role of leadership in ABCD (open to all)