Peter Kenyon’s Open Space

1402PK1Peter Kenyon’s use of open space is quick and light.  In the last hour of the workshop Peter asked people to pitch the issues they wanted to discuss in light of his ABCD workshop presentation.    The following issues came to the surface

  • How to engage pastors /leaders with ABCD
  • How to relate to neigbourhoods and schools
  • Community free of hidden agendas = Trust me – I’m the church!
  • Engaging an aging congregation passionately in determing a vision for their future
  • Another way of dealing with refugees
  • How to hold the wider community in a conversation with the church

Participants moved to the topic they wanted to discuss – and notes where made on butchers paper.









1402OIS5 1402 OS5







Find our more about open space from the toolbox.

This is the third of four workshop reports from Peter Kenyon’s Beginners Guide to ABCD held in Feb 2014 at Western Link Uniting Church, Findon

  1. A Beginners Guide
  2. Peter Kenyon’s Head heart and hands
  3. Peter Kenyon’s Open Space
  4. Appreciative Enquiry