Peter Kenyon’s head, heart and hands

Peter Kenyon pitched the “head hearts and hands” asset mapping exercise as part of the Feb 14 Faith in Action workshop.  We really like this asset mapping exercise as it is quick and easy.1402 head asset map

Using post it notes participants were asked to respond  to the following three questions;

  • What knowledge do you have and who you know?  (Head)
  • What you are passionate about? (Heart)
  • What do you really like doing? (Hands)

1402 heart assest mapThe post it note is then stuck up onto a board / displayed for all to see.

Unfortunatley we didn’t have enought time to invite participants to talk to each other about what they observed.

Ideally we would move to another process which would ask the group to consider how we might use these assets.  With a group discussion around a question like…

“What community concerns are these skills and assets calling out to respond to?”

Other examples of Asset Mapping are in the toolbox1402 hands Asset map


This is the second of four workshop reports from Peter Kenyon’s Beginners Guide to ABCD held in Feb 2014 at Western Link Uniting Church, Findon

  1. A Beginners Guide
  2. Peter Kenyon’s Head heart and hands
  3. Peter Kenyon’s Open Space
  4. Appreciative Enquiry