Paul Born and Deepening Community

I have the opportunity today to hear from Paul Born (Tamarack Institute)  His opening pitch has been to focus on the question “Why is this resonating with you?”IMG_1726
Not why are we not doing this or we are already doing this?

Resonance – What is resonating with you?

Being – Thinking – Doing (Story of Military Training)

Being –How do I show up in the world?

Thinking – When I’m there – What is my thinking system? How do I construct this matter in my mind?

Doing – and that results affect shape my action.

So we are going to focus on being (how you show up)

  • Who are you when you show up at your job?
  • What do you think when you arrive?
  • Often the things which hold us back are inside us. (i.e. I’m not worthy, I’m not up for this, the inside critic dominates)

Our thinkingIMG_1725

So first step is to engage with our being….

Event Hosted by Peter Kenyon and TogetherSA