Joanna Hubbard- “Intrepid Explorer”

I just got an email about an upcoming event I am presenting at in which I was referred to as an intrepid explorer of Community Development.  Too cool.  I think I should put that on my business cards 🙂

Creative job titles seem to be in vogue at the moment; my husband has a year or so ago now, been given the title of “Head of Innovation“.  I remember a lady I used to work with in Community Development referred to herself and an “Occupational Therapy Vagrant” (not her actual job title but very cool none-the-less).

My all time favourite, however, was when the child of a friend of mine decided that my job sounded a lot like Robin Hood because rich people gave me money and I gave it to the poor.

What is the coolest job title you have ever had?


Lunch with Joanna Hubbard – intrepid explorer of Community Development

Welcome to our newbies and those who have been with us for a while.  Faith in Action is a community development project of Uniting Communities.  This email is to let you know that Faith in Action is looking forward to a conversation with Joanna Hubbard – Director of Marion LIFE.  Joanna is a enthusiastic explorer of community development principles including Assets Based Community Development

Join us Friday 12th July  at Marion LIFE – soup provided bring something to share for lunch.  Please RSVP

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