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Rev Julia Pitman invited me to join in an evening meal with Myponga UCA and congregations from within the parish.  After dinner I told three stories where examples where churches have moved from ‘poverty’ models of welfare to ‘asset’ models of engagement.

  • 1402 Myponga folkAt the establishment of Adelaide Central Mission – the Methodists provided maths and literacy as well as food and shelter to the unemployed.
  • Colleen the Giant Teapot visiting local street to address isolation of elderly people
  • Marion Church of Christ moving from Soup Kitchen to an opportunity to prepare food for lunch

I will prepare a full description of each of these projects in future blogs.

1402 Myponga PrinciplesQuestion 1:   I asked the group to discuss what where the principles which they identified from “successful” community programs.  Some of their ideas included;

  • Self esteem and life skills
  • Listen deeply esp to those who are lonely / isolated
  • Concerns about permission and privacy were raised
  • Catalyst to create someting
  • Live and help live!
  • People aren’t just deficits – they always have things they can do (strengths)


Question No 2 :What if you were to apply  these principles to your location?  What might you do?  Some of the ideas which arose include;

  • 1402 Myponga ActionsGetting the whole of Aged Groups together
  • Isolation in the new developments in the regions
  • Make a contribution to children and young families
  • Connect with Christian Pastoral Support Worker


We discussed the four quadrant integral theory – as a way of ensuring you are addressing all elements in a complex problem.

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