Mission Minister’s Annual Gathering

IMG_1653Each year we have a gathering of the Mission and Minister’s network.  The network is part of UnitingCare Australia, which is an national body of the Uniting Church.  It is now an insightful and enjoyable gathering of  colleagues which I look forward to each year.

Our conversation covered

  • theology of social services
  • case studies  ‘What did we learn and regional church” (refer tool box)
  • UnitingCare Australia Update including update of Assembly and the office
  • our contribution to Assembly meeting later in the year

I really enjoyed the facilitation by Heather den Housing (Blue Care Queensland) which I’ve captured here Black Hat Shoe Shuffle.

Heather took our writings and thoughts and facilitated such that we landed on four areas (see pix for each topic);

  1. Culture and Identity
  2. Theology of Service
  3. Interface
  4. Where to now?

We worked together around the idea of a  product which;

  • has a primary audience which is our internal leadership followed by our staff and UCA members
  • has the purpose of promoting conversations using key theological questions which provoke people to do their own theological refection based on stories and material from the network (i.e. stories and questions rather than a systematic theology).

Case Studies

The most compelling questions which arose from the case studies are;

  • What is needed so that we embed a ‘learning community’ culture of the UCA?
  • How does our purpose, corporate principles and theology of grace shape our culture and leadership?

Leading up to these two questions we considered;

  • Do we have ego driven theology or theology drive our ego?
  • What is it in our culture that means a story of failure cannot be told?
  • If we are doing learning then to what end?
  • What is the work that needs to be done to learn from our current crisis and who is going to do the work?

Lin drew us the org chart and we discussed our link to the Assembly


We thought it time to raise a question with UnitingCare Australia about our internal connections.

We agreed to meet again after Assembly in Brisbane to see if we can move some of this work forward.


Canberra UnitingCare Australia, 15 Torrens St, Braddon, ACT