Mission and Community Service with UCA Deacon Candidates 2 of 2

On Tuesday night Joanna took the leadaround the attributes of good questions. We explored the way in which we all can shaped group gatherings and ensure they don’t turn into committee meetings. We asked the group to do some self leading and reflection on two more case studies (blogs from Joanna’s page) namely
The Art of Powerful questions  https://joannahubbard.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/the-art-of-powerful-questions/


In memory of one of our Community Gardeners  https://joannahubbard.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/in-memory-of-one-of-our-community-gardeners/

I recorded the flow of the evening and some of the insights and learnings  via a wisdom capture. I didn’t have time to discuss this but I hope that the group might see that there is more than one way of retaining our knowledge.

Here is a starting point to the four fold practice for conversation keepers (the video takes about host – but it is the same thing

And I’ll chase up a picture and reference for the ‘groan zone’ meetings process which I illustrated when I’m back in my office.

That coloured pens and simple drawings (with arrows following themes) can be more powerful than a set of minutes.


The is part two of our presentation to the deacons.  You can find a link to part one here.