Mission and Community Service with UCA Deacon Candidates 1 of 2

Steve Taylor and the UCA National Deacon’s  invited myself and Joanna to make an agency / community development contribution to their workshop for candidates.

This is a summary of the case studies, questions and discussion for Monday evening.

Starting in Circle –  brief introductions, confirmed listen with attention speak with intention and care for the group.

  • Why are you here?
  • What is the purpose of the group?

Then we looked at two case studies==>  Records – Case Study Deacons 9Feb2015
Participants were asked to move the case study they wanted to explore together.

The group questions was “What is the single question which arises for us as a group?


Gathering back into plenary we asked

  • What single gem comes to you from your case study discussion?
  • What connects are there between your case and the purpose of the group?
  • What did you learn from our time together?


Details  9th Feb 2015 Pilgrim UCA