Making the world a better place for every soul – Paul Born

Depending Community
I spent a day workshop with Paul Born last year. Which is where we picked up his book depending community.  When I read this text I thought to myself – this sounds like good pastoral ministry where I’m not making myself the centre of a communities life rather I’m seeking to draw people together so the pastoral needs are met via one another.  We ran a Faith in Action  book review on it in 2015.

Deepening Community by Paul Born This book offers found pillars for deep community: sharing our stories, taking the time to enjoy one another, taking care of one another, and working together for a better world. Community shapes our identity, quenches our thirst for belonging, and bolsters our physical, mental, emotional, and economic health. But in the chaos of modern life, community ties have become unraveled, leaving many feeling afraid or alone in the crowd. Born shows that the opportunity to create community is right in front of us.

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