Let’s be real

I have been recently inspired by the Actual Pastor.  I really like his realism.  I think we can too often be tempted to try to impress people within this kind of space to “shade the truth here and there and make [our]self [and our churches/ministries] look better”.

I am going to try really hard to not provide that kind of blog.  I am pretty proud of the work we do at MarionLIFE and of our workers and volunteers so this may be hard at times but I do want to be honest about the struggles too because let’s be honest this is really hard work.  In fact often the more worthwhile a work is the more often we want to throw in the towel.  Working with people is hard and working with people with difficult pasts and baggage and previous barriers to being a part of a community is harder.  It is a real rollercoaster.  One day you will feel like you’re kicking goals all over the place- people are getting along, integrating, sharing skills and gifts with one another, demonstrating amazing resilience and creativity and your funders/donors are loving you.  But this is a fragile work and the next day you’re surrounded by the same people but they’re bickering and acting with entitlement or they have just disappeared and the funders/donors have changed their flavour of the month.  It’s not you.  That’s the environment of this work and I would venture to suggest that if you’re not faced with these challenges then your dreams for your community are probably a bit small for your resources.

Please keep up the good work and let’s encourage one another- but mostly let’s be real!

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