Landing (Groan Zone 3)

When you get together a group (like an elders meeting or a congregational meeting) there is a natural three stage movement which occurs.  It is worth paying notice to this and work with it and not against it.  The third movement is called landing.

We started by expanding our thinking.  We have worked with the idea into the ‘groan zone’.  We are now coming to the end of group time so we need to land the group so they have a sense of direction.

The model shows this as convergent thinking.  Selecting ideas out by asking participants questions which connect idea really chimes with their heart and soul.

Questions which help this include

  • What really stands out to you here as the most important?
  • Which of these ideas are you willing to put your own time into?

Notice the questions are focussing on what you want to do, and not ‘what wouldn’t work’.<Insert picture of  Convergent Thinking from Groan Zone Model>

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