Jim Diers and Story Telling

IMG_1241We have provided ambulances at the bottom of the cliff.  It is the communities job to build the fence at the top.  Today Joanna and I are in Melbourne with Jim Diers hosted by the VicTas Synod. I’ve heard from Jim previously and when I realised he was back in Australia it was an easy decision to join him for the day.
Adrian Pyle has opened with a participation creative event and has lead us into a poem which explores our theological underpinning to Asset Based Community Development.

Jim has asked us to consider our role as either agencies (top down) or associations (bottom up).

Where repent from your sins = “shift our aim” or “change your mindset” till we see the abundant whole.  The Spirit of God announces that who ever you are you consistantly have a place win the family of things!

So what are some of the tools?

Story telling inspire us –  What does a good neighbourhood mean to you?

Share a story when community is at its best!