I was genuinely surprised

Someone should have had a camera at group yesterday.  Joanna Hubbard and I have been beavering away at establishing a group of practice around community development principles for a while.   Last month’s group had five participants.  After checking my email in the morning I was hoping we would have about ten participants.  I couldn’t believe my eyes as people kept rolling in the door.  And yesterday we had eighteen people join our group. At the conclusion of our time together someone said to me ‘Peter – you should have seen your face!’

It was nice to be surprised by the group.

This morning I’ve flicked on my pc and found Joanna’s blog.  It looks great and if you want an easy to read starting point Joanna’s site is good.  I’ll add a little content to describe what we are doing at Faith in Action.

Faith in Action is a Shared Learning Group which tests the limits of Assets Based Community Development.

Venue and Details:  Faith in Action meets on the 4th Friday of the month at Western Link UCA, Crittenden Rd Findon and is hosted by myself and the wise and wonderful Joanna Hubbard.