Graeme McKerracher at FiA

graememThe US is infamous for their bitter debates about abortion.  But did you also know that there are a group of churches –  evangelical, conservative and progressive,  catholic and protestant – all who have joined with non church social service agencies to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancies?

I’m looking forward to our discussion with Graeme McKerracher about how churches have negotiated firmly held views to make a positive difference in their communities.

Its called Collective Impact and it is here in Adelaide.

Discuss this case and others with Graeme and the FiA team and add a new tool into your leadership toolbox!

Venue and Timetable – Tomorrow!

  • Friday May 23 at Western Link Uniting, 93 Crittenden Road Findon, South Australia
  • 1-2pm Preparing the space with Peter McDonald and Joanna Hubbard (open to old timers)
  • 2-5pm A conversation about the role of leadership in ABCD (open to all)

More information on the webpage here

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