good mental health for congregations – without getting clinical

MentalHealthWeek1Many church congregations have members who have a mental health concern.  And sometimes it isn’t clear which is the best way for a congregation to respond.  “So you start a support group, or a pastoral care group or a community garden?”

Simon Dent (Coromandel Valley Uniting Church) has asked Faith in Action this very question.   “So what should a church pastor  do?

This Monday (22nd Dec) Uniting Communities and BaptistCare SA is having a conversation about what we could / would offer to congregations as you work this through for yourself.

So if you have a quiet day on the Monday before Christmas and want to come to listen in to a conversation which begins to explore what I’m calling “Good Mental Health for Congregations without getting clinical”

Then join

  • Anne van Loon (BaptistCare SA and Australian Faith Community Nursing Association)
  • Terry Wilson (Service Manager Independant Living, Uniting Communities)
  • Simon Dent (Lead Pastor Coromandel Valley Uniting)

Hosted by

  • Joanna Hubbard (Senior Consultant Church Community Development BaptistCare SA) and
  • Peter McDonald (UnitingCommunities – Executive Advocacy and Community Relations)

The doors are open even if you just want to listen in!

Monday 22nd December 10-12noon
Coromandel Valley UCA
415 Main Road, Coromandel Valley