Fresh Thinking – Ideas into Actions (Better Together Showcase)

Better Together Showcase Adelaide Convention Centre
Notes from the Better Together Showcase – Fresh Thinking – Turning Ideas into Actions
Which may or may not have anything to do with Faith in Action
Design – Reforming Democracy
Good ideas can come from anyone, anywhere

Matt Davis – How to identify an good idea
42700 cqqr parks and 12m fines with 235,000 people fined

Portia Odell – Using schools as change agents / Carbon Neutral School

Georgia Heath – The value of design challenges
Challenges to encourage others in giving it a go…
suspend reality for a short timer,

1: Identify the Problem
2: Find some friends (from outside your sector)
3: Brain storm – think broad before narrow (use whiteboard)
4: Have fun (drones)
5:  Listen (we talk about this but don’t do it well) – get out of the building
6:   Don’t discount crazy ideas (not “No” but “Yes And”
7:  Aim for achievable not perfect (A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executive next week (George S Patton)
8: Celebrate
9: Foster
10: Learn, Reflect, Repeat – apply multidisciplinary approach

Active citizenship in community.
Make meaning not money.

Jess MillerGoody Two Shoes – How to use the internet, to get people off the internet
People are unpredictable
Communities are just people with a reason to talk to one- another
You can belong to more than one
Why would I care?
Why would I share?

If those around you won’t put it on their own social media site then what is the point?

Resource – Google Trends