Expanding the Options (Groan Zone 1)

When you get together a group (like an elders meeting or a congregational meeting) there is a natural three stage movement which occurs.  It is worth paying notice to this and work with it and not against it.  The first movement is called expanding the options.

The first phase is when a group is starting in a new topic.  We want lots of ideas.  We really want to brainstorm.  So we will prepare questions which expand our thinking.

The model shows this as divergent thinking.  Generating many ideas, crazy ideas,   We will end up with ideas which send us apart because many of them don’t fit together.

Questions which help this include

  • What have we missed?
  • Is there anything else?
  • If you could do anything you wanted, and there were no constraints then what would you do?

Diagram from Model

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