Co-Create Festival Adelaide


I wanted to share with you a great little event coming up in my home town of Adelaide called the Co-Create Festival which will be happening in Bowden on Saturday 2nd November 2013 (not long!)

Obviously Community Co-Creation is something I really promote and the festival is set to let you experimentation and play with a whole range of great tools including some of those I have detailed in this blog like Open Space Technology.

The Co-create Festival is all about empowering people, organisations and communities to take meaningful action – to co-create the visions they have a passion for.  It’s about civic engagement in the diverse issues that are important to our community:

  • to empower individual citizens to realise their agency, to take action on the things they care about

  • to collectively empower citizens to realise collective intent, to organise to get things done (following organic, participatory methods that offer people opportunity to meaningfully and effectively contribute)

  • to collectivise community identities, offering a citizen-led method for people to engage with society’s bureaucracies

The core of all of these is building collaborative communities.  Co-Create is in short, a movement and a growable model for creating thriving, empowering collaborative communities that provide these forums.  And, as I said before, one such forum run by this group will be held on Saturday 2nd November 2013.

The festival is in three parts: a morning Open Space unconference, an afternoon freespace festival and a wind down party in the evening.

Information about the festival is available at

Register your participation through the following two links

– unconference morning of the Festival of CoCreation, early-bird RSVP by donation

Might see you there!

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