Caro Mader UniSA and ABCD

Caro-Mader-academic-image-May-20121-225x300I’m sitting in a lecture listening to Caro Mader (Adelaide Council and Grass Roots Consulting) about assets based community development.  Caro has offered us examples of asset mapping. Peter Kenyon and others examples have gone across the screen. The class is looking at them off the ppt.  I like a little theory but it has to be quickly connected to practice.  If I had a chance I’d map this community in the room today!

Here is Peter Kenyon’s list… it is pretty comprehensive

  1. Gift skills and passions of individuals
  2. Physical assets, land buildings, equipment parks
  3. Community groups and networks
  4. Government and non -government agencies
  5. Economic and business assets
  6. Local stories, heritage and values

The best way I’ve seen this connected up is by working on the questions right to ask the locals neighbourhood which draws them into ABCD.  We are going to take time at our next workshop to dig into the good questions for community development.