Blackwood UCA

This week I had the privilege of visiting Blackwood UCA with Rev Cogs (Coral) Smith and Rev Phil Hoffmann.1402 Blackwood UCA car park w attendant

Blackwood has a weekly community program called  Blackwood Community Classes for over thirty years with over 200 participants each week.  The car park is full but the demographics tend to one  end of the bell curve!


Both Coral and Phil are wondering what is next and what is the best way for that conversation to occur.

1402 Blackwood UCA streetWe look forward to working alongside Phil and Coral in their community as they navigate the  ‘the questions’  and ‘methods’ for going about those life giving conversations!


1402 Blackwood UCA entrance







o We change the culture by changing the nature of the conversation. This is more than improving the conversation or becoming more skilled at dialogue. It is about choosing conversations that have the power to create a new future.

Peter Block, Community, the Structure of Belonging


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