Blackwood – Coral, Phil and Joanna

Today Joanna Hubbard a deep and exciting conversation with with  Coral Smith and Phil Hoffmann about Blackwood Uniting Church and their Community Classes.   blackwood uca bOur aim was to help Coral and Phil clarify how they might explore the opportunities with their people.

We  put our best listening skills together with our experience of Community Development.

The experts in this community are Coral and Phil.  They have a deep understanding of their people and history.

blackwood foyerWhat Joanna and I are doing is adding something.  A question or an idea.  A matrix or a method of bringing people into a deeper conversation.

Why is it that we so rely on committee meetings to discuss matters expecially when we are seeking to deepen the conversations we have with groups about their self understanding of their own purpose?

blackwood   congCoral and Phil were happy for me to attach the notes today.  We look forward to hearing how they travel.

Wisdom Capture

Notes 1:  Objectives / Purpose of the congregation

Notes 2:  Objectives / Purpose of the Community Programs


blackwood community classes


I was asked to visit Blackwood and their community classes in February this year.  Here is the link the blog from my visit to  Blackwood.


Here is the link to Joanna’s angle on the same gathering