Beyond Violence

BV p1It is a real pleasure be part of a prevantative violence project called Beyond Violence.  Espeically when we hear near weekly of an Australian family being profoundly damaged by violence at home.

At Faith in Action we accepted the invitation to collaborate with Dr Deidre Palmer (Moderator of the Uniting Church in Australia) to hostia evening meal where “church men” discussed the prevalence of violence, its impact on our community and our contribution to reducing it.

It is difficult to replay the conversations but let me give you three insights from a conversation about “relationships” and “accountable theology” – as in what would it look to live a life which was accountable to those around us….

Here are three dot points from the what the group of men discussed…

  • Opportunity to live a vulnerable public life
  • “Lived out sadness” / vulnerable esp. clergy
  • Move toward a “complimentarity” in relationships

BV whiteboardIt is not often we talk about this.  Rather our church committees dig into mission and planning and the like.  I guess that is my saddness.  That there seems so much else to do and there is so little time for complimentary relationships – what does that mean in my practice as as clergyman?  I hope I live that out with those around me, with those who i work with and for…   But there should be more opportunity to improve my and your practice in this area.

This moment was a collaborative moment between

  • SA Synod and Presbytery (Moderator Dr Deidre Palmer)
  • SA UCA Synod Solidarity and Justice Unit (Sarah Williamson)
  • Faith in Action / Uniting Communites Advocacy Unit (Peter McDonald)
  • Uniting Communities / Men and Family Relationships (Chris Dolman)

The next Faith in Action is around refugees.  It is all too easy to see refugees as people we should help – when really they have something to offer as well.  Come and join with Brad Chilcott at Activate.  More information on our other speakers and the event are available here