Baptist Care Cert 4

I have been with Joanna at Baptist Care for two days this week.  Where we held a ABCD workshop for students, clergy and lay people as part of their certificate course in pastoral care.IMG_1731  It was the first time Joanna and I have done two consecutive days together.

We started with stories, moved to principles, then to tools then to practice.  It was enjoyable to be working with people who were willing to reframe their role in ministry in light of what they were learning and discussing with us.

The side conversations where invaluable.  I had a number of folk identify to me that they were reconsidering the way they thought of their contribution to church and community life by starting with assets rather than deficits.  Hope it travels well.

Working with Joanna was enjoyable.  We were able to  check in with each other about the energy levels in the group, about whether we should stay in the groan zone or move forward.  And when we didn’t need to speak because members of the group were going to answer the challenging questions!