Back to Basics

My sporting coach always reminds me – in my current role as a kids sports coach – that we should always return to the basics.  That high class performance is always built on a set of skills which we should return to and pattern over and over our basics as well as hone the much more advanced.

Joanna's blogThis Wednesday was the very first gathering of our new formed monthly reading group.   And it went well!  We had eleven participants who enjoyed a conversation over the reading…  Steve Crobett and Brian Fikkert’s When-Helping-Hurts – How to alleviate poverty with hurting the poor or yourself.  Joanna has written a beautiful description of the group conversation called reclaiming the gifts of serviced people on her blog.

We welcomed to the first round Louis, Geoff, Brian, Terry, George, Michell, Vicki, Adam, Ellen, Joanna and myself.

Wed Reading is a great starting place. It will provide a space to open up topics, share thoughts and insights over coffee. Then one will go home with a refreshed sense of the possibilities with connections to new people who are interested in your role. This reading group is a light commitment group.

We are yet to launch the other half of Faith in Action for 2015.   It will be our professional development gathering.  A quarterly space where participants dig much deeper into their approach to ministry and/or community development.  In this setting we have someone commit to preparing a case study and the group commits to reading and thoughtfully preparing for a conversation about best practice. The professional development group requires more of you.  It needs you to be fully present to the reading material and deeper conversation.  If you wish to register your interest in this group let us know and we will contact you.