adding to the DV guide

Jill, Sarah and I met a few weeks ago to folloDV handbook coverw up on the Domestic Violence workshop we ran in January.  Here are the things we are working on.

  •  Web resources
    – look and feel to be similar to handbook
    – Peter to have a technical convoc with GH
  • Liturgy – Jill to draft
  • Fact Sheets – Sarah to create some fact sheets based on the handbook – (ie a sheet for Women in Violent relationships, a sheet for male clergy, a sheet for female clergy a sheet for volunteers lay people.)
  •  Graphic Design – Peter to talk to original designer to do fact sheets and web in similar look and feel).
  • Culture (Non Violoent Communication)  – ensure site design can accomodate NVC and other angles / contributions
  • Workshops – Sarah to pitch some options to DP re how she sees this happening
  • Theology – Sarah to talk to DP is this a “paper” or a “workshop” or both?
  • White Ribbon Day (Peter has made proposed to DP  some options including an invitation only meal for men who would make good ambassadors.
  • Aim to have a  mock up by online by the Synod meeting (June 20).  Suggest we work toward that date and decide when we are a lot closer.

Back story

The blog from the workshop is availiable here.

The Domestic Violence handbook we are working with is availiable here.

Richard Harmer

The momentum for this came from a workshop facilitated by Richard Harmer, Joanna Hubbard and myself called  “Using ABCD to respond to Domestic Violence and other complex community (Jan 2014)”.