ABCD Workshop Urban Mission Network

Rev Dr Ian Price and Sharrone Price

Asset Based Community Development Aug 2018

  • Head Heart and Hands (internal) – Two local UCA cong and Head Heart and Hands
    What can you contribute? Not what is wrong! = Individual Asset Mapping
  • Colleen the Tea Pot (external) – warm relationship bridge – church known for making the connection = Connecting members of your local community up.
  • Public Theology Workshop (too many ideas) – public theology conversation – (imagine that this is your mob over a topic you can’t agree) = Open Space

And possibly

  • Congregation of Melbourne who have moved into worship in homes / and the space is being using by others where members participate – Workshop network – let’s imagine for a moment you have decided to open up the hall to the community…
  • designing service provided to people (Co-Design)

Here are the links which I spoke to today…

If you are looking for a neat ordered list of the principles then go to Joanna Hubbard’s work

If you want some help with running any of these processes please ask and I”d be willing to coach / assist you.  Please contact me.

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