A Different “Development” Project


Over the last 8 and a bit months I have been working on a little bit of a different development project.

As we anticipate all the change that this will mean in our lives and our family I would like to take a moment and thank everyone who has shared the journey of this blog space thus far with me- especially those who have taken the time to share their own experiences and stories here (those have been my favourite bits).

I’ll be taking a little break from this project as I readjust and find a new normal and discover a new angle on community.

In the meantime there will still be some interesting projects, happenings and events with Faith in Action over the next six months so I encourage you to keep your eyes on this.

I look forward to recommencing this work soon and continuing to explore what it means to work WITH our local communities to see lives abundant and thriving.


Picture: Art by Laura Cameron

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